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Exteal develops tomorrow's smart HR-software for the biggest companies in Sweden

Within the HR industry, we foresee a future characterized by increased availability of large quantities of data, artificial intelligence and technical aids, such as robots and smart devices. By developing smart innovative software Exteal are driving this transformation together with our customers. We think that you should be part of this revolution as well.

Our Products

Create maximum value from your organization's internal candidate pool. Through automated engagement and data collection we help companies keep their candidate profiles updated, engaged and loyal. Our SaaS-platform is Plug-n-Play and fully customizable, allowing us to create a tailored solution for each of our customers.

A one-of-a-kind service connecting hundreds of thousands of talents from university- and practical backgrounds to the most attractive companies in Sweden. By enriching the recruitment process with an unmatched number of data points, smart metrics and analyses, we enable recruiters to make the best possible hiring decisions. This is something that results in an exceptional candidate-company fit, allowing rewarding and profitable long term relationships between talents and organizations to emerge.

We use AI and the technologies of tomorrow to attract and recruit young talents to organization all over Sweden. Through an automated process we are able to offer a recruitment experience that is unmatched in terms of quality, speed and cost. We have a candidate network-reach of over 1 million candidates in Sweden, waiting to be introduced to your company.