About cookies

This website uses cookies. A cookie does not contain personal information. However, it allows Exteal to collect anonymized statistical information about the behaviour of the visitors of the website, which in turn is used to improve the usability of the website.

Cookies that we use

Persistent cookies - A permanent cookie that stores specific settings for the user, such as language settings.

Session cookies - Saves the user's information during the user's visit of the website. When the web browser is closed the information is deleted.

Web analytics cookies - These cookies are used by a third party in order to provide Exteal with information about how the visitors are interacting with the website. For this purpose Exteal is using Google Analytics.

How do I say no to cookies?

If you don't want to allow storing cookies on your computer you can disable this functionality in the settings of your web browser. However, if you choose to disable cookies on this website, some of the functionality of the website may not work as intended.

Read more about cookies on the website of Post- och telestyrelsen.